Brave Labrador puts his life on the line to protect his young owner from a snake

Dogs like Marley will do anything to protect their families, even if it means putting their own lives in danger. Alex Loredo, a resident of San Diego (California, United States), was fortunate to have his faithful 4-legged companion by his side during a confrontation with a snake.

The 18-year-old was doing laundry outside his home when he heard an intriguing noise under a table. He found himself face to face with a rattlesnake, ready to attack.

Before I could even turn around, Marley had run, pushed me out of the way and got between the snake and me, ” said Alex Loredo . “ My first thought was: I’m going to lose my best friend, ” he added.

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The dog has been bitten twice

The brave 7-year-old Labrador Retriever has been bitten twice, on the tongue and neck, People reports. Alex Loredo and his mother rushed him to a veterinary clinic. “ It was total panic ,” explained the owner of the injured animal, my heart was pounding, I didn’t know what was going to happen next. To be completely honest, I thought he was going to die in the car. But Marley held on.

After receiving treatment and being under observation for 2 days, the brave dog returned home. The members of the household were happy to find him alive.

© Alex Loredo / WRKC

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Although Marley is no longer in danger, he suffers from nerve damage and needs a lot of treatment. To cover the very high medical costs, Alex Loredo has launched an online fundraiser on the GoFundMe platform which has already raised more than $ 11,000 (approximately € 9,000) at present.

2 weeks after the terrible attack, the hero is doing better. “ I don’t know what I would do without him, ” said his best friend.


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