Why does my dog eat its feces?

Illustration : "Pourquoi mon chien mange t-il ses excréments ? "

your dog eats its feces. This is called co phagocytosis. Also known as scatophagie, you’ve been walking with your dog and even seen it at home. Why did you do that? How to solve this problem? Our explanation and answer.


the origin of dog feeding disorder. What is the attitude towards the treatment of dog feeding disorder?

dogs are naturally attracted to the feces of other animals. In addition to the sometimes disgusting side of this discovery, we must admit that our animal feces are the real source of information and even food. Some dogs have suddenly developed the habit of eating feces. If this is a behavior that can be considered normal in very few cases, it hides a real problem in most cases. Understanding the reasons for this attitude will help to fight the disease more effectively. In addition, we have shown you several ways to correct the behavior of CO phagocytic dogs.

the origin of dog co phagocytosis

in rare cases, CO phagocytosis is considered normal in dogs. A newly hatched bitch licks her pups’ anus to clean their feces and urine. Dogs can also, because they discovered the world, or in order to imitate their mother, they occasionally eat feces, but this situation will not continue.

, but generally speaking, dogs that eat feces are animals that are not well taken care of or have problems. Owners should not despise this behavior, Because this is an alert.

receives suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets so that you can receive our news and business offers. In the least serious case, the dog eats feces to attract the owner’s attention and / or because it lives in an environment full of feces. Improper food supply and irregular time may also be the reason. Therefore, the owner has the responsibility to correct his attitude, take more care of his animals, take more care of him, and ensure that his residence and bed are clean. Dogs may also be taken to eat feces because they defecate at home for fear of revenge. But this is an exception. However, when he forgets himself at home, be careful not to punish him too much, so as not to happen in the future. Co phagocytosis may hide more serious problems, such as psychological pain or health problems. Stress and anxiety do lead to this attitude. Diseases such as pancreatitis and enteritis, as well as parasitic infections and allergies, can lead to this behavior. The age of animals is also important: dogs can eat their feces through experiments, while older dogs do so because of depression and loss of clues. First, we must ensure that it evolves in a clean environment and immediately remove every feces (whether in their own gardens or public places, or in and around niches). Be sure to provide your pet with food suitable for the dog, taking into account its size and weight, and provide food at normal times. If your dog does this to attract your attention, ignore it. If it finds that this strategy does not work, it will stop. But be sure to put all your love andTake care of him. In extreme cases, wearing a mask can educate him. If the problem is medical, only drug treatment can solve it. What attitude?

co phagocytosis has no health problems for dogs. However, this behavior is still abnormal.

therefore, you need to make an appointment with a veterinarian. The latter will eliminate all pathological causes. It will conduct a comprehensive health examination and check whether your dog has energy deficiency.

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build their education on positive reinforcement. If you think he ate his shit, say “no” to him and don’t punish him. Congratulate him when he smells shit and doesn’t eat. Also let your dog exercise so that he can spend time physically and mentally.

finally, if all this has not changed, please do not hesitate to start behavioral therapy. Co phagocytosis is not an easy to change behavior. Bear your pain patiently. “

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