20 puppies and kittens discovering the vet for the first time

Puppies and kittens have their first visit to the vet and have a cracking reaction. As can be seen in these photos.

Visiting the veterinarian is imperative for the health of puppies and kittens. An annual consultation must also be carried out in order to make assessments and reminders of vaccines. These young dogs and cats meet their veterinarian and befriend them.

Here are 20 photos of kittens and puppies going to the vet for the first time.

1. This kitten must first make a site visit before it feels comfortable.

2. Since he arrived at the office, this kitten never leaves his veterinarian’s pocket.

3. A puppy that sleeps anywhere, even in drawers, is a confident puppy.

4. The look of this puppy will have moved all the veterinary staff.

5. These puppies have chosen their friend from the entire veterinary team

6. Really, naps at the vet seem to please puppies

7. While the pockets of veterinarians’ gowns are very popular with little kittens

8. Hugs are welcome

9. This puppy concentrates on understanding the instructions of his veterinarian

10. Warm in the vet’s vest

11. He closely follows what his veterinarian is doing so that she does not make a mistake in filling out her file.

12. A kitten about to leave the veterinarian’s office and go home

13. This puppy pretends to have fallen asleep every time the vet tries to check on him.

14. This veterinarian is currently unavailable, it will be necessary to return

15. This puppy and his vet have the same eye color

16. Confident in the hands of his veterinarian friend

17. A single man will be enough to carry all this reach which does not want to leave him anymore.

18. His vet has come into his office to look for his file and he is impatiently awaiting it.

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19. Bubble baths seem to appeal to this kitten who is going to a veterinarian for the first time

20. An adorable Pitbull puppy who just arrived on his date


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