Courage of rescue dogs showcased in exhibit commemorating 20th anniversary of September 11 attacks

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After the collapse of the Twin Towers in New York City, hundreds of search and rescue dogs were deployed to detect any sign of life amid the ruins. An exhibit in their honor opened on Wednesday at the American Kennel Club’s Dog Museum.

The attacks of September 11, 2001 shook an entire nation, and more. In New York , many rescuers searched the wreckage of the World Trade Center , hoping to find survivors. We all have in mind images of police and firefighters exploring the rubble of the site. But among these troops of professionals were hundreds of search and rescue dogs.

The New York Times notably mentions Trakr , a German Shepherd who combed the disaster area for 2 days before collapsing from toxic smoke inhalation, exhaustion and burns. Or Riley , a Golden Retriever having stuck his muzzle in the fields of debris, thus making it possible to locate the bodies of several firefighters.

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Ron Burns / AKC Museum of the Dog

A commemoration with a hint

The exhibition not only honors the dogs who worked in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, but also all those who have contributed to other disasters around the world.

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We also present some of the more positive sides: Rex of White Way saved a whole train of people stranded in the Sierra Nevada in the 1950s, and we will be talking about Saint Bernards like Barry, a very famous Saint Bernard in there. ‘Hospice du Grand-Saint-Bernard in Switzerland which rescued avalanche victims , ”explained Alan Fausel , director of the museum.

New York City Fire Museum / AKC Museum of the Dog

Visitors can contemplate a myriad of works of art, including paintings as well as life-size sculptures. This artistic meeting follows a temporary exhibition, “K-9 Courage”, at the September 11 Memorial (9/11 Memorial & Museum). Until spring 2022, the photographer Charlotte Dumas presents the portraits of dogs that have given a serious paw after the attacks.

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9/11 Memorial & Museum / Jin S. Lee

You can, with the help of the photographs, imagine what their eyes saw, ” said Alice M. Greenwald , CEO and President of the museum. </p

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