14 photos of animals and their humans that form an inseparable duo

The bond between a pet and its owner can be so strong that they never leave each other. As these photos show.

Between a dog and its owner, or a cat and its master, it is very often mad love . We then witness very touching friendships , 2 beings who never leave each other and who spend all their time together. Whether at mealtime or in front of the TV, they are always glued to each other.

Here are 14 photos illustrating the bond between a pet and its owner.

1. A cat as lazy as his mistress

2. This Boxer personally takes care of the sleep of his new friend.

3. This senior dog and grandma look like they had a fun and activity packed afternoon

4. So that his Labrador can follow him on his motorcycle rides, he made a place especially for him.

5. Hospitalized, he was faithfully accompanied by his 4-legged friend

6. We can guess when we see them that these 2 are going to be particularly friends

7. Since they are small, the dog has the habit of lying on its owner and watching TV. Growing up, these habits have not changed

8. These 2 seem very connected

9. Even if they do not share the same meals, they both sit at the same table for one-to-one dinners.

10. He inspired his cat with his passion for the rugby matches they watch on the tablet

11. Every morning, they have their coffee in the cafeteria on the corner. The dog even has his special mug

12. Seeing the reaction of these dogs to their first meeting with their new owner, we can already guess that they will never want to leave her again.

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13. Separated for the time that his master’s hospitalization lasted, he has never left his bedside since his return.

14. This photo was taken the day the friendship and complicity between this cat and his mistress began


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