Become homeless, he has no other solution than to abandon his dog to a shelter with a note attached

Her owner, who had become homeless, could no longer take care of her dog. He therefore abandoned him in the heart of a refuge with a note in which he explains his situation. The animal, very emaciated, was taken care of. She is now waiting for a new family to continue her life.

Please take care of Sky. She is a very friendly 6 year old dog. I couldn’t take care of her anymore. I became homeless and it was impossible for me to feed her. She’s not sick, but she’s just hungry. Please find him a home. When Sky , a 6-year-old female dog, was found abandoned at the gates of the Delaware Humane Association in Wilmington on January 2, caretakers discovered this note , from her former owner .

The refuge has been guarding Sky since January 2. It was out of the question to see her leave before the start of this second week of 2019. If the adoption requests are accepted , the shelter has made no decision regarding her future home. Until now, he still had hopes that its original owner would come and pick it up.

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We would have been willing to work with him together, but it depended on the owner’s situation. Sometimes the best choice is to give back your pet ‘so that it finds a decent life. Sky is therefore waiting for a new family , after being put back on its feet for more than a week.


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