Interested by moans that seem to come from a bridge, a man discovers and saves a puppy with a muzzle blocked by adhesive tape

One evening, by deciding to change his habits, a man was far from suspecting that this was going to have happy consequences on the fate of a puppy who was in great danger.

Bob Hoelter, who lives in Indiana in the United States, used to shop by car, but tonight in January 2019, he chose to go 3 km separating his home from the grocery store on foot. A decision that would lead him to save a precious life , as the Animal Channel tells.

On his way, crossing a bridge , he heard moans . They seemed to come from under the work. Equipped with his flashlight, he ended up discovering a puppy in distress . The little dog was covered in dirt and terrified. Above all, his muzzle was sealed with duct tape . Bob Hoelter immediately wrapped him in his vest and took him to the nearest veterinary clinic , Griffith Animal Hospital .

There, the unfortunate canine was taken care of by the manager, Lori Kovacich , as well as the veterinarian and his auxiliaries. They began by gently removing the duct tape from him, finding that the skin he was covering was badly damaged . Sign that he had been given it for several days . They then gave him something to eat ; the young dog was so hungry that he wagged his tail as he emptied his bowl . This did not fail to move the staff of the clinic, some having even cried .

Fortunately, the quadruped, whom they named Louie , was neither dehydrated nor feverish. They therefore expected him to make a full recovery with the necessary treatment. This is indeed what happened and soon after, an adopted family was found for the dog.

On April 11, a year and a half after her rescue , the veterinary clinic’s Facebook page gave news of Louie . The dog has grown up well, is doing well and is happy with his adoptive parents, Mary and Doug .

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