20 photos of Border Collies superbly staged by their mistress

A photographer is inspired by her Border Collies to make moving scenes. Here are a few.

Emily Abrahams is a young photographer who decided to travel the world with her Border Collie, Loki . The adventure began four years ago has since incorporated a 2nd dog breed, called Journey. With her 2 friends, the young photographer manages to overcome her anxiety disorders better. She also manages to live her passion which consists of photographing animals in a moving and daring way.

Here are 20 photos taken by Emily Abrahams , with her featured Border Collies.

1. Loki and Journey keep warm under a small blanket

2. The forest inspires them

3. A nice photo that plays on the reflections in the water

4. Comes autumn and the season of fallen leaves

5. A nice photo with a Border Collie that splits in the water

6. Lying on a tree trunk in this beautiful natural landscape

7. A nice portrait between the foliage

8. Used to large natural spaces, this dog feels in his element

9. What could have caught his eye?

10. 2 friends who live a great life with their loving owner

11. Snow is fun for them too

12. It’s even invigorating, as we can see in this beautiful photo.

13. Like a wolf in a wilderness

14. The copper tones give it a nice outline

15. The portrait of a dog perched on a tree

16. The friendship of a united trio

17. A determined and captivating gaze

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18. This is the opportunity to exercise

19. And then to rest, obviously at 2

20. His dogs alleviate his anxiety disorders


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