Woman and her Beagle help abandoned, tied, hungry dog get a taste for life again

Abandoned by her owners, a young dog was tied up outside day and night, without food or water. All this is just a bad memory for her. A woman and her Beagle helped her overcome this terrible ordeal.

Courtney Bowles had previously had the opportunity to rescue dogs in distress , but what she saw in October 2020 shocked her .

Her father had called her after discovering a female dog tied up outside a nearby house. Arrived on the scene, the volunteer discovered the animal in a sad state . The puppy was very thin and had no food or water available. Her leash was tied to a stake , and hunger had driven her to rummage in a trash can that was within reach, reports The Dodo .

Her owners had left this accommodation because they could no longer pay the rent, leaving the poor dog alone and on her own . Terrified, she curled up as Courtney Bowles approached, but relaxed somewhat when she stroked her and gave her a treat . Then, as soon as she got in her car, she started wagging her tail .

At home, Courtney Bowles gave him a bath . The dog, whom she named Bonnie Blue , was so thirsty that she tried to drink the water in the very dirty tub. His new life had just begun.

Within a few weeks, Bonnie Blue was totally transformed . On the frightened animal and skeletal, she became a confident and healthy dog. She befriended Millie , Courtney Bowles’ other dog. The benevolent Beagle took her under her wing and helped her gain confidence.

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Bonnie Blue and Millie act like they’ve known each other forever. Inseparable , they share everything: toys , naps, play sessions… The rescued dog “ is full of energy. She loves to run and play. She is also extremely cuddly. She loves the company of humans and loves to chew on whatever she finds, ”says Courtney Bowles .


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