What is an LOF registration?

What does LOF registration mean? What is its purpose for you and your dog? To understand, the LOF, an organization recognized by the State, allows the breeder to obtain a pedigree for his dog which then becomes a purebred dog. A status that offers real security to the buyer, and allows the breeder to see his work recognized and to sell, too, at a higher price.

LOF stands for Book of French Origins . It has several functions, in particular the possibility for breeders to register so-called purebred dogs and thus to be listed among the best breeders. It also allows to know the origins of an animal and to find its ancestry and direct descent.

Finally, it is a guarantee of quality , which ensures the follow-up of the lines as well as the rewards obtained for the conformity to the standard of the breed, as well as for the qualities of the animal recognized at work.

What is the point of registering your dog in the LOF?

While the LOF originally functioned more like a collection or register (in the first year of its existence, 200 dogs were declared), today no less than 200,000 entries are submitted annually. Dog owners want to be included for several reasons:

  • The pedigree is a document intended to present the genealogy of your dog over generations. It also gives the breeder the opportunity to sell his dogs at a higher price.
  • Filiation is recognized, or compliance with the breed standard (the role of the LOF is also to contribute to its improvement)

How to register your dog in the LOF?

To register your animal in the LOF, you must refer to article 5 of decree n ° 74-195 of February 26, 1974 which indicates the steps and procedures for validating a registration:

  • The initial registration for your dog if his parents are not LOF. He may very well conform to the standards of his breed. For this, he will have to pass the confirmation successfully.
  • Registration for descent . If the only reason is that your dog’s parents are registered with the LOF, that is not enough. Indeed, its parents must have successfully passed the confirmation stage, attesting to their correspondence with the standard of their breed. In addition, the mating of the bitch by the male must also be declared by the breeder, who must also declare the litter of the puppies to the Société Centrale Canine. Finally, your dog should be tattooed.
  • Registration in the waiting book . Only in the event that your dog’s breed book is closed.
  • Registration for importation if your dog has been imported and has a foreign breed, recognized by the Société Centrale Canine through a herd book.

The documents to be submitted for registration are as follows:

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  1. The registration request form, accompanied by the blue identification flap by tattoo of each animal (to be requested from the veterinarian).
  2. The receipt for payment of the corresponding registration fees.

Filiation, contrary to popular belief, is not recognized automatically. Owners and breeders must comply with the requirements of the LOF and in particular:

  • Have declared the coverage and then the number of puppies in the litter.
  • Have the puppies confirmed by a judge or an expert who will attest to the breed standards.
  • Any sale of an LOF puppy must include the delivery of the puppy’s birth certificate, his health record (or passport), as well as the identification certificate.

The confirmation stage

A judge, expert and specialized in the breed of your dog, certifies, or not, that your dog belongs to the standard of his breed. If the stage is successfully passed, the judge in question signs the birth certificate and sends it to the Société Centrale Canine. You will then receive your dog’s pedigree.

The declaration of the litter by the breeder

Before any request for a pedigree for the offspring, the breeder will have to make a declaration of the litter , called a breeding certificate . On the document, you will have to indicate:

  • The date of the service
  • The names of the owners of the male and female dog, parents of the puppy (s)
  • The names of the breeders
  • The breed of breeders
  • The pedigree of the breeders
  • The number of puppies in the litter

Then, you must accompany this declaration with a payment of a few tens of euros. All sent by post within 2 months after the birth of the puppies.

What cost for a purebred dog?

Obviously, a purebred dog will have a higher cost than a crossbreed dog, of appearance or of the racial type. The breeder, often serious, must see his work be rewarded .

A dog sold with a pedigree by the breeder sees its price climb by 20 to 30% on average. Especially since the dog in question will most often be tattooed, microchipped and vaccinated . It is also the assurance of owning a dog free from genetic defects and a rather socialized dog.

Buying an animal with a pedigree from a breeder is the assurance of adopting a dog that meets specific and verified criteria.

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In all, the price varies from 500 to 4000 € to acquire a purebred dog, depending on the latter. Each year, the Société Centrale Canine publishes on its site the litters of LOF puppies available from breeders.

In 2016, 227,993 dogs were LOF certified.

In summary

A dog registered with the LOF is the assurance , for the purchaser, of owning a dog in good health and whose characteristics meet his expectations. More expensive by 30%, a LOF dog has all the assets to please its future owner.

Registration for the LOF presents no difficulty for the breeder. He must remember to declare the mating within 2 months after birth. </p

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