Homeless war veteran sees cat with blood, spends nearly € 300 out of pocket to save it

A former US Navy sailor, Jud Munro lost his home a few months ago and moved into a center dedicated to struggling veterans. It was there that he met his cat Junior. Despite his meager resources, he did not hesitate to spend hundreds of dollars in veterinary fees to save the injured animal.

The return to civilian life is complicated for many soldiers . While some succeed in their retraining, others face all kinds of difficulties, ending up on the margins of society . Jud Munro had served in the armed forces a long time ago. He was in the US Navy .

It was difficult for him to make ends meet, and things got worse a few months ago. In March, he lost his home . Subsequently, he found a place in a center for veterans in precarious situations. It is therefore at the Altamont House , located in Buffalo, New York, that it has been housed ever since.

There he met a group of 4 cats , including Junior . The former soldier quickly befriended him . He used to get up every day at 5:30 am to feed her , as WKBW Buffalo relates.

Although in a precarious situation, he did not hesitate to pay a small fortune to save his cat

One morning, however, as Jud Munro was about to feed him , he realized that Junior was bleeding profusely in his neck. He then took him to the vet , which cost him $ 300 . A large sum for this man with limited income , but there was no question for him not to save his companion.

However, to be completely out of the woods, the cat still needs surgery . An intervention whose costs amount to a thousand dollars , an amount he does not have. After searching for help, Jud Munro finally received one of the association Ten Lives Club.

The organization will not only fund Junior’s operation, but they have also offered to keep him and look after him until the veteran moves into a new apartment . Until then, he can visit his cat as much as he wants, as can be seen in the video below:

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