Natural antibiotics for dogs

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are harmful to the health of dogs. Fleas must continue to fight. In addition to the products provided by pharmacies, there are natural solutions for fleas. Here are some family recipes based on aromatherapy and herbs.


dog fleas fight dog fleas with rosemary or lavender dripping lemon, and an anti flea necklace

made of vinegar and essential oil Do you want to protect your dog from fleas without using synthetic substances? This is entirely possible, thanks to plants.

dog’s flea

dog’s flea (canine cerebrospinal animals) choose a residence on the animal’s skin to supplement blood. As a dog parasite, it will not only bring inconvenience to dogs, especially cause itching and allergic reactions, but also pose a threat to dog health.


fleas can spread various diseases. Some may carry Taenia canis, which is likely to spread to children and adults.

therefore, it is important to ensure that dogs are constantly protected by fleas. The health and welfare of animals are as important as that of other family members.

in order to fight dog fleas, there are obviously prescription drugs prescribed by veterinarians, products sold in pharmacies, and anti flea necklaces. However, natural herbal and essential oil substitutes can also be selected.

rosemary or lavender spray

rosemary and lavender are one of the known plants, which can repel fleas and external parasites in dogs.

To take full advantage of these benefits, just put a handful in boiling water and let it stand for 15 minutes. After the liquid is cooled and filtered, pour it into a spray bottle and apply it directly to the dog to provide natural lice protection.

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lemons are particularly effective against parasites, including dog fleas.

procedures are as follows:

Cut two lemons into thin slices, boil a pot of water, soak the lemon slices in boiling water, cover the lid, let it soak for half a day

, and the obtained solution can be added to the dog’s shampoo. Allow 5 minutes before flushing.


can also be sprayed on places frequented by dogs, starting with the dog’s basket. However, please be careful not to abuse, because the smell of lemon is still strong and may not be accepted by animals.

anti lice spray based on vinegar and essential oil

once a day. Before export, you can spray the following solution directly on the dog to prevent flea infection:

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20ml white vinegar or cider 150ml spring water 10 drops of mint or tea tree essential oil (tea tree) self-made insect prevention necklace

“You can also dilute 5 drops of lavender, eucalyptus, lemon or cedar essential oil with 3 tablespoons of water to make a natural anti acne necklace.”

use a clean syringe, This mixture is applied to the entire surface of a folded bandage and then tied around the neck.Dog.

this solution is updated weekly.

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