Former member of the SPA, she founded a retirement home for elderly, sick and disabled dogs

For 20 years, Martine’s association, Cyne Club 47, has been growing step by step. This former vice-president of the SPA has turned into a charitable soul for abandoned, forgotten, abandoned dogs, separated from their master. For older dogs, for bitches worn out by puppy mills. For all those who have not had the chance to benefit from a life filled with love. This love, Martine has to spare.

Unpopular dogs or reformed puppy mills

Special dogs, namely Rottweilers and Pitbulls , which have just seen the law concerning them toughen up. Faced with drastic measures that their owners must take, some do not hesitate to abandon them . An upsurge that leaves many canines without resources or even shelter . This is the start of the Cyne Club 47 association .

A happy end of life

His association also works in close collaboration with veterinarians and the services of the pound , in order to recover certain canines beaten, abandoned or separated from their master by judicial decision.

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Today, his “ center ” has in a way become a retirement home for disabled, sick and elderly dogs. About ten dogs occupy the premises located in Bruch , near Agen . Enough to accompany them with unfeigned love until their death. Their beautiful death. Martine taking care, then, to deposit their ashes at the foot of the trees. A way, too, to pay homage to them and show them his love!


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