15 beautiful images of a dog in love with butterflies

A most adorable dog shares beautiful moments with the butterflies in his garden. As we can see in these touching photos.

One of the best stories anyone can tell you is about the love of a dog named Milo for the butterflies that live in his garden. The 2-year-old Nova Scotia Retriever is a big guy who manages to reach millions of internet users on Instagram . Nothing more surprising, to see his attitude so moving with the Monarchs, a species of butterflies that live in his garden in America. Her family helps her share these happy moments with the butterflies by decorating her with a wreath.

Here are 15 pictures of Milo and his butterfly friends.

1. Milo was 10 weeks old when he was adopted by Jennifer Bennett’s family

2. Bennett was the owner of Boden, Milo’s cousin, who died shortly before his arrival.

3. Its owner says Milo has always been very confident, passionate about nature, hiking and even cooking.

4. Bennett’s family keeps Monarch butterflies in their garden to help this species thrive.

5. They also have a chicken coop so Milo has a lot of friends to play with.

6. Since he was little, Milo has always been very affectionate and benevolent towards his loved ones.

7. He cares about everyone’s well-being and expresses his gratitude with every meal served to him.

8. His owner mentions a habit he has had since he was a puppy, which consists of interrupting his meal and coming to give him a kiss before resuming.

9. So Milo was obviously apt to love the finer things in life, like butterflies. No education was necessary for him to learn to behave with Monarchs.

10. Milo’s other passion is cooking. The dog also has its own Youtube channel

11. Milo cooks great dog treats here, including his favorite peanut butter and carrot.

12. Monarchs are a very emblematic species of butterflies

13. Their black stripes, orange color and white spots that make their appearance make them very recognizable.

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14. They live between 6 and 8 months and the predators which attack the caterpillars are numerous. This is why the Bennett’s raise them in their garden before releasing them when they become butterflies.

15. Milo leads an existence in total communion with nature, helped by the enchanting way of life of his family


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