More than 80% of the South Korean population, in favor of the abolition of the dog market, declares that they no longer eat dogs!

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A recently published poll shows that in South Korea, the population is overwhelmingly against the slaughter of dogs for their meat, consumption and trade in it. On this side of the Korean Peninsula, the dog is increasingly seen as a family companion.

HSI ( Humane Society International ) has fought for years to stop the dog meat trade in South Korea. The association pulls hundreds of dogs from farms and slaughterhouses to then entrust them to local foster families , the time to organize their trip to North America where they are adopted .

It was HSI who commissioned a survey from the Nielsen group on the perception that South Koreans have today of the consumption of dog meat , as reported. The results were published recently, at the same time as the association’s announcement of the rescue of 196 additional dogs, reports Scoop .

The main lesson from the survey is that the majority of people in South Korea do not consume dog meat and see the dog as a companion .

84% of people polled say that they have never eaten it or that they have no intention of doing so .

59% say they support the ban on this trade. This represents an increase of 24% compared to a previous survey carried out in 2017 .

In addition, they are 57% to consider that this practice gives a bad image of their country, whereas they were only 37% to think it 3 years ago.

HSI was therefore able to recover the 170 canines that were on Il-Hwan Kim’s farm located in Haemi , in western South Korea. Previously, the volunteers had also rescued 26 other dogs , which saw their trip to the United States postponed due to restrictions linked to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Ultimately, HSI will organize the transport of all these dogs – 196 in total, therefore – on one single flight to North America. The animals will then be able to join their new families who are waiting for them in the United States and Canada. The group includes Korean Jindos , Labrador Retrievers , Poodles , German Spitz , Terriers and Mastiffs .

To date, the association has been able to close 17 farms supplying the dog meat trade in South Korea. </p

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