While he had to help his master to make his request, this dog loses sight of his goal!

Ghost loves his masters, it’s a feeling shared by his parents! So when the big day arrived, that of the realization of his love, it was obvious that the dog would be there! Appointment, therefore, on the shores of Lake Geneva, in Wisconsin, where the young man had planned a very particular marriage proposal to the woman he loves. Unfortunately, not everything went as planned!

Seagulls can hurt a simple, yet original , marriage proposal . Mark had thought everything, imagined everything, organized everything. Well almost. This man had omitted a not insignificant detail. Lake Geneva , Wisconsin , is populated by seagulls . What to distract a dog , even well educated .

Mark is, in fact, the proud owner of Ghost . The latter is even considered a full member of the family , supplemented by Ashley . It seemed inconceivable for Mark to ask his partner in marriage without the help of his white-haired protege.

One surprise that hid another

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It must be said that in addition to this surprise, another watched the scene from afar, on the dike. “ There were about 25 friends and family ,” adds Ashley , who does not forget her 96-year-old great-grandfather, also very present. Everyone was able to appreciate this gesture of love, which will materialize in the months to come. With, there too, a role devolved to Ghost ?


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