The best N names for a dog

If your dog is born in 2017, here are some name suggestions starting with the letter N, effective this year.

Following the recommendations of the Société Centrale Canine , each year corresponds to a specific letter with which the first names of the dogs born there begin. It is an obligation for owners of puppies considering registering them in the LOF (French Book of Origins).

The year 2017 is that of the “ N ”. Therefore, all dogs with pedigree coming into the world between January 1 and December 31, 2017 must wear a name beginning with the 14th letter of the alphabet.

So here are some N dog name suggestions to help you choose. Otherwise, you can also rely on our tool which gives you proposals according to gender, letter and topic …

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Names for Female Dogs Starting with N

  • Naiad: from the name of the nymphs of Greek mythology.
  • Naïs: fans of classical cinema will certainly have thought of the film by Marcel Pagnol and Raymond Leboursier (1945) when reading this name.
  • Nancy: feminine given name common in Anglo-Saxon countries, it is also the name of the city of Lorraine.
  • Nanette: derived from the first name Anne , it is worn by some celebrities such as the American singer and actress Nanette Workman .
  • Nanou: also derived from the first name Anne , it is a diminutive full of tenderness and gentleness.
  • Nanouchka: another derivative of the first name Anne (definitely!). This is a Russian variant.
  • Narnia: named after CS Lewis’ literary work and the eponymous film saga ( Finding Narnia ).
  • Nefertiti: the great royal wife of Akhenaton , the last king of the 18th dynasty in ancient Egypt.
  • Night: night, in English.
  • Nikita: in reference, in particular, to the film by Luc Besson released in 1990, with Anne Parillaud in the title role.
  • Nina: female first name used in Spain or Italy, worn by various famous personalities such as Nina Dobrev , Nina Hagen , Nina Simone , Nina Ricci and Nina Attard .
  • Hazelnut: a gourmet and tasty name.
  • Nougatine: just as delicious as Noisette , Nougatine has 3 syllables, but it remains light, clear and understandable for the dog.
  • Nymph: in reference to the subordinate deities associated with nature in Greek and Roman mythologies.

Names for Male Dogs Starting with N

  • Nano: Basically, the nano is one billionth of the basic unit. It therefore designates something really tiny. But nothing prevents you from giving this name to your dog if he has a large size .
  • Napoleon: if you find that your dog has the soul of an emperor.
  • Narco: the prefix narco- refers to everything related to sleep (narcolepsy), but also to drugs (drug trafficker, narco-dollars…).
  • Nautilus: Jules Verne’s submarine ( Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea , 1869), whose name comes from a species of cephalopod mollusk.
  • Navajo: The Navajo are a Native American people of North America. Their language was used by the US military for coding messages during WWII in the Pacific.
  • Nemo: the little clownfish , son of Marin in Finding Nemo (2003). He is also the captain of the Nautilus in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea .
  • Nero: named after the last Roman emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty.
  • Nestor: character from Greek mythology, sole survivor of the massacre by Heracles of all his brothers.
  • Nickel: it is the chemical element with atomic number 28 and symbol Ni. In everyday language, the name is synonymous with clarity, perfection.
  • Nimbus: it is an old name of cloud which evokes especially the character of the homonymous professor, hero of a comic strip created by André Daix in 1934.
  • Ninja: do you suspect an unusual agility in your pooch? This first name will suit him perfectly if it is.
  • Norman: male first name of Germanic and Scandinavian origin, associated with the sign of Cancer.
  • Norris: in reference to Chuck , the American actor to whom Internet users attribute all kinds of superpowers.
  • Nougat: this name makes your mouth water! A tasty confectionery whose name will be proudly worn by your pooch.
  • Nugget: we are always in the greed with this name associated with chicken nuggets. Basically, the word nugget means nugget in English.
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