20 adorable photos of a Dalmatian with a heart on his nose!

This is the story of a Dalmatian who is so kind that his muzzle has taken the shape of a heart. These photos of Wiley show just how cute he is.

Wiley is an adorable Dalmatian who has blown out his first candle. This dog who is very successful on social networks has reached 120,000 followers on his Instagram account. This will not surprise anyone because this nice dog has a small heart on the muzzle that leaves no one indifferent. But Wiley only has eyes for his owner, Lexi Smith, who takes good care of him.

Here are 20 photos of Wiley , the Dalmatian who wears his heart on his nose.

1. Wiley was the 8th male puppy of a litter of 11 small Dalmatian born in Colorado

2. The heart on his muzzle wasn’t drawn enough yet, so that’s not the reason Smith chose it.

3. The young woman declares that she was well aware that the spots change in Dalmatians as they grow older.

4. It is rather because the puppy is a big sleeper like her that she had opted for him

5. Wiley has a lot of energy to expend and luckily gets a chance to do so often.

6. The duo don’t skimp on hikes, which is Wiley’s favorite activity. The collar is therefore essential in the event of a problem

7. The dog also likes car rides during which he loves to watch the landscape go by.

8. Wiley is a very cuddly dog who loves to snuggle up to his owner.

9. When his mistress does not have time, Wiley sulks because he is quite a stubborn dog.

10. This trait is common among Dalmatians

11. Smith says that the times Wiley stubbornly makes her laugh.

12. She advises to laugh about it and find clever ways to get a Dalmatian to obey.

13. The duo spend a lot of time together and they travel to different places using public transport, with Wiley glued to Smith’s leg.

14. The Web also took the dog in affection

15. People recognize him in the street or are just happy to see a Dalmatian

16. Colorado is not very familiar with this breed.

17. Passionate about photography, Smith saw Wiley as the ideal model

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18. The success was immediate and has continued to grow

19. This adorable dog knows how to strike a pose and is even very photogenic.

20. We cannot wish him many days still filled with games and happiness.


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