This dog, with whom life has not been kind, comforts animals in difficulty

Partially deaf and blind, Shiro went through many shelters, foster families and adoptive families, before arriving at the home of a woman who firmly believes in her abilities. And he hasn’t disappointed her, since he helps her take care of the animals she takes in.

It is often said that it is those who have been abused by life who come to the aid of others the most spontaneously. This is exactly the case with Shiro .

As The Dodo tells it, this dog is not only partially blind and deaf . He also went through 2 shelters , 12 foster families , and was adopted and abandoned 4 times . His fate changed when he met that of Sheryl Smith , who has taken in animals and found them families for years. The latter was never afraid to take care of those whom no one wanted . She therefore did not hesitate to come to Shiro’s aid and even decided to adopt him definitively in December 2018.

Even today, he cries when he’s in the car, because he thinks he’s going to be abandoned again somewhere ,” she told The Dodo . This is to say to what extent the quadruped is traumatized by his past experiences. But he’s making huge strides thanks to the kindness and patience of Sheryl , who didn’t take long to realize that she made the best choice she could in adopting him.

Shortly after her arrival, she took in a pregnant bitch who, after giving birth , was too sick to take care of her young . Shiro then lay down with the puppies and began to lick them to clean and comfort them . An attitude he had with all the other animals taken care of by his mistress afterwards. “ They trust him before they trust me ,” she adds.

Recently, a kitten found on the street benefited from their hospitality. The young feline was sick and extremely thin . He probably wouldn’t have survived if he had spent a few more days or hours out in this state. At first, Sheryl kept him in a cage while she took care of and watched him. Shiro was never far away , watching him intently and impatiently waiting for the moment when he could finally take him under his wing .

Then the kitten, named Tiny Tolley , started to get better and regain strength . Shiro didn’t have to ask for his affection , as shown in the photos below.

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Currently, Tiny Tolley is still with Sheryl and Shiro , waiting to be recovered enough to join her future adoptive family. And the dog stands ready to comfort the next animals in distress and help them get the best possible start in life.


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