Lovers of walks, this Golden Retriever has started a strange collection based on sticks!

Leo Icenhour / Instagram

When you are not the author, you often find strange collections. That of the adorable dog in question here is not the least surprising.

Most dogs are over the moon when they find the “perfect stick”. We humans don’t know what the chosen object has more than the others, but our four-legged friends wouldn’t trade it for the world. A single stick is enough for their happiness, but this is not the case with Bruce . This 4-year-old Golden Retriever collects them , as Bored Panda tells it.

Leo Icenhour , its owner, explains that Bruce started piling up the sticks after a winter storm caused him to lose one of them. In fact, it was his favorite stick . He was buried in the snow , and the dog spent the next few days trying to dig him up, without success.

Since then, he has amassed dozens of them outside the front door of his house. More than 50 , according to his master. Sticks of all calibers, shapes and sizes.

Bruce is proud of his collection, but he is not allowed to play with it since he had a potentially fatal accident. One of these sticks had he, in fact, perforated esophagus while playing with the day of his 2nd birthday. Therefore, he is only allowed to have fun with his rubber toys .

For the record, the happy dog finally found his very first stick , the one with which it all started and which he thought lost forever. He took advantage of the snowmelt to dig in the right place and retrieve it. We can imagine his joy by putting his paw back on his treasure.

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Finally, Leo Icenhour tells that Bruce’s best friend – besides himself – is a female raccoon , named Lily, whom he adopted when she was 4 weeks old and orphaned . The 2 animals get along wonderfully and love to bicker. On the other hand, their owner did not say if she had the right to approach the precious collection of canine poles …

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