The rescue of a dog and his owner who was injured while trying to rescue him after a fall in the mountains

A mountain rescue team and a Coast Guard helicopter were mobilized to rescue a man and his dog who had fallen heavily. The canine had fallen first and its owner was seriously injured while trying to save it. They are both out of danger.

Significant resources have been deployed to rescue a senior dog and its owner who fell in the mountains in the North West of England, ITV News reported on Thursday (July 8th).

The day before in the late afternoon, the 51-year-old and his 4-legged friend were hiking the heights of Stonethwaite , a small village near Borrowdale in County Cumbria. The walk went smoothly until the canine fell from a sort of escarpment. His master then tried to save him, but in doing so, he too fell and was seriously injured.

The 12-year-old dog and its owner both needed to be rescued as quickly as possible. They didn’t have to wait long. The Keswick Mountain Rescue Team responded to the distress call and immediately dispatched their rescuers to the scene.

Keswick Mountain Rescue Team / Facebook

The dog taken care of and his master evacuated by helicopter

The Keswick Mountain Rescue Team took charge of the duo, while a Coast Guard helicopter flew over the area. The man, who was far more worried about his companion than himself, was first given painkillers before being hoisted onto the aircraft.

Keswick Mountain Rescue Team / Facebook

The dog was placed in the bag of one of the rescuers. He appeared to be in better health than his owner. The animal was, however, taken to a veterinarian for a full examination and to make sure that it was not in serious pain.

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Keswick Mountain Rescue Team / Facebook

As for the 50-year-old, he was taken to the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle , where he is being treated and is recovering from his injuries.


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