Woman helps emaciated blind dog found in woods

During a walk in the forest, a resident of Mississippi was confronted with a very sad spectacle. An extremely thin and sick dog was waiting at the foot of a tree for someone to help her.

A dog discovered, at random, in a critical state of health in the heart of the forest has been rescued. She is now waiting to start her new life, as the Animal Channel recounts.

In September 2020, a woman named Stacey was walking through the woods in Mississippi when a figure caught her eye in the distance. As she approached it, she realized that it was a dog in need of urgent rescue.

The female Pitbull literally had only skin on her bones and was barely moving. She was lying at the foot of a tree and looked very sick. His eyes were in a worrying state.

The Dodo / Facebook

Stacey immediately took her to her car and fed her. She welcomed her into her home, then drove her to the vet. The latter found that she suffered from several infections, in particular in the eyes, which were also injured.

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Stacey and her family called it Halo . She was going to need a lot of time and care to get back up. The recovery process has had its ups and downs; There were times when her health declined and it was not known if she was going to be able to cope. But she did.

Not at all discouraged by illness or loss of vision

Her eyes could not be saved, but despite the blindness, the dog adapted and managed to orient herself. Gradually, she gained weight and her overall condition improved. She stayed with Stacey until January.

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Getting better and better, Halo has been turned over to a Connecticut-based charity that will work to continue her care and find her an adoptive family. The volunteers pamper and spoil her, giving her lots of love and treats. She takes full advantage of each of these little pleasures that life brings her.

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The video below recounts his rescue:


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