Educating deaf dogs

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owning and educating a deaf mute dog means learning to communicate with dogs in other ways, especially learning to speak dogs.


Establish and strengthen a balanced relationship with the dog, have clear body language, clear gestures and postures, and let professionals help themselves adjust tools. Safety suggestions:

Many owners often forget that dogs can’t speak our language and sometimes only use voice command based methods. These methods are usually unsuccessful, and sometimes even lead to inappropriate behavior by owners towards their animals.


keep a deaf dog. In my opinion, they really understand what dog communication is and how to interact with dogs most naturally. In my opinion, many dog owners, whether deaf or non deaf, should be inspired by the skills of educating deaf dogs, because it helps to emphasize nonverbal communication and dogs will be more acceptable.

educate deaf dogs, This is to adapt to the disability we are not necessarily used to facing every day. Therefore, the following are my suggestions to enable deaf dogs to receive education calmly.

and dog

establish and strengthen a balanced relationship. The relationship between owner and dog must first be based on mutual trust, which will naturally lead to a certain degree of cooperation.

A deaf dog must regard its owner as a guide and reliable resource in order to evolve calmly and safely in all the environments and circumstances in which he lives. The establishment and strengthening of the relationship between


naturally requires

Daily response to the basic needs of dogs (basic needs, expenditure needs, social needs, etc.) the owner’s attitude towards dogs is consistent and meaningful. Without this attitude, dogs will not feel calm and free from rules and restrictions Without these three key points, dogs will not regard their owners as a reference. In fact, the possibility of cooperation is much less.

has a clear body language

. When you want to educate deaf dogs, it is obvious that nonverbal communication will be the first choice. But nothing can stop you from talking to your dog. If it helps you express your emotions more and communicate with your animals more easily.

however, you must learn “Italian”,

has many different postures and postures, which are suitable for every command of the dog.

you don’t have to be afraid to put them in the box and turn all the emotions you feel when interacting with animals in order to best convey desire, expectation or satisfaction.

There is a clear gesture and posture

. The language used to interact with deaf dogs must be clear and accurate. Just as you can’t talk to a “normal” dog and make sentences with subjects, verbs and complements, you can’t talk to a deaf dog and use gestures that the dog can’t understand and blur.

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, so for each command you will express to your deaf dog, use and select a specific gesture specific to each indication.

here are some examples:

reminder: bend your legs or squat down, Open your arms or clap your hands on the floor or legs, and thenA big smile. Sitting posture: upright posture and finger tilting upward from the dog’s nose: upright or slightly curved posture and finger movement from the dog’s nose to the front leg stop / stop: upright posture and arm perpendicular to the body, extend your hand, First of all, these indications (especially sitting and supine posture) will be mainly learned through the so-called bait Technology: bait technology is to accompany the dog to its desired position with bait (candy or toy).

It is sometimes not easy for

professionals to deal with disability. They will soon feel confused and even overwhelmed by the difficulties they encounter. Therefore, you should not hesitate to seek help from competent people to provide you with valuable, personalized and appropriate support and advice.

veterinarians, dog educators and behaviorists are ready to help you when you need it. It’s never too late. Realizing that you need help is a big step towards success.

uses the appropriate tool

to complete it to help you connect with your dog, mainly in reminder exercises, There is a special tool for educating deaf dogs: vibration necklace.

note that this necklace will not give electric shock; These are just absolutely painless vibrations for animals.


have also read: teach dogs to click on


. In practice, this means teaching dogs the following connection: vibration = delicious. This will help to attract the dog’s attention, especially when the dog has no direct interaction with the owner. Safety advice: do not release the deaf mute dog in an unsafe environment. Do not release the deaf mute dog who does not obey the recall or has not fully adapted to the vibration necklace. Do not approach the deaf mute dog from behind or when sleeping, It is possible to attack at home because of fear or excitement

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