18 photos of puppies that have turned into magnificent dogs

Our dog friends start off by being cute and stay that way even with a very impressive adult size. As can be seen in these photos.

By adopting a puppy, you can watch it grow and observe its development, both physically and behaviorally. All dogs are born adorable and as they grow older the outlines of their personalities become more apparent.

Here are 18 pictures of puppies that have grown up.

1. The muzzle of the Saluki lengthens with growth

2. The muzzle of the Borzoi is already thin and elongated at birth.

3. Dachshunds don’t lose any of their charm when they become adults

4. This Alaskan Malamute got a smile on his face as he grew up.

5. Bull Terriers seem like they haven’t changed one iota

6. The Siberian Husky’s gaze becomes piercing

7. The Dogue de Bordeaux takes volume

8. Berger de Brie’s hairs get so long that they fall over his eyes.

9. The Labrador Retriever becomes the most loyal of companions

10. The Great Dane become real giants

11. The German Shorthaired Pointer faithful to his post

12. The German Shepherd goes from a furball to a big, brave dog

14. The Tibetan Terrier develops a very generous coat

15. Bearded Collies recall the Woodstock look

16. The Naples Mastiff becomes very imposing as he grows up

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17. The Shetland Sheepdog has a snout that grows longer.

18. The English Bulldog remains itself


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