From his office, a man sees his dog running away from home and manages to get him in!

Ring / YouTube

Thanks to the remote monitoring system installed in his house, the owner of a realized in time of the attempt to run away from the latter. He was thus able to order him to return, while he was at his place of work.”

Connected devices can be of great help in everyday life, even when you have pets. We were able to verify it with this camera to interact with his dog and send him treats remotely, among other smart accessories at the service of our 4-legged friends.”

Here, it is a remote monitoring system that allowed the master of a dog named Sadie to quickly end his desire for a getaway, as reported yesterday by La Dépêche. This is shown in the video recently posted on the YouTube platform.”

That day, the owner of the animal was at work, about thirty minutes from his home. Sadie was at home. The gate to the enclosure securing the back garden of the property was ajar, and the dog had seen an opportunity to venture outside, but she could not go very far. Moreover, she may not have intended to move away, judging by her attitude.”

” Although a little puzzled, Sadie obeyed and came home

As soon as she found herself in the driveway leading to the street, Sadie started barking. The device sent an alert to his master’s smartphone, who was able to see what was happening through the camera.”

The system also included a voice control feature, so the man used it to communicate with the and order her to return home. He can be heard calling him by name, which caused Sadie to turn around and then say: Go home! Go ahead!”

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The had no choice but to obey the voice of her master, even if she could not see him. He did not fail to congratulate her afterwards. Good girl, can we actually hear at the end of the video.”

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