How can you travel by air with your dog?

Illustration : "Comment voyager avec son chien en avion ?"

because your destination is far away, or because of speed, do you choose to let your dog travel by air? Knowing that such an adventure (an adventure for your four legged partner) must be well prepared in advance.

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“dog travel in a cabin? Air travel with dogs: when should dogs be put in the cargo hold? If… What are the conditions for keeping a dog on the plane? Precautions for dogs before traveling by air

air travel: experience may confuse animals, but if you take action early enough, you can reduce your unhappiness with dogs.

so how do you travel by air with dogs? First, as much information as possible should be obtained from airlines and embassies of destination countries. Regulations on pet transportation and reception may vary from institution to institution. But generally speaking, the standards are close to each other to a great extent.


are aspects that should be known and prepared before dogs travel by air. “Under what circumstances can

dogs travel by cabin?

only smaller dogs have the opportunity to accompany their owners in the cabin. The maximum allowable weight of a dog depends on the airline; This may range from 5 kg to 10 kg. You can bring a handbag to facilitate your travel.

in most airlines, aid dogs can travel in the cabin, regardless of their weight. It should also be noted that in some companies, including Air France, dogs with curly noses (boxer, beijinois, Carlin, etc.) cannot enter the cabin. The risk of dyspnea is mentioned here.

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if the weight of the dog exceeds one of the above thresholds, it must be carried out in the luggage compartment of the aircraft. Of course, animals cannot move freely there; It must be placed in a cage or transport box conforming to IATA standards. Quadrupeds must be used to sitting in the transport box in advance and keep quiet.

dogs must be transported by freight if…

in some cases, dogs cannot travel in the cabin or cargo cabin. If the weight of dogs and cages exceeds 75 kg, for example, according to Air France,

means that the weight of dogs and cages exceeds 75 kg. The same is true if the destination country only allows animals to be transported by freight. What are the entry conditions for

dogs on the plane?

to board the plane, the dog must carry all the latest vaccines.

if traveling within the EU, the owner must show the European passport provided by the authorized veterinarian.

some countries are implementing specific health measures (quarantine, vaccine, etc.), such as Ireland, the United Kingdom or Sweden, so it is recommended to consult their embassies.

Precautions for dogs before traveling on

aircraft it is important to know all the details of the flight from the airline, including the number of stopovers and dwell time (if any).

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