Plainclothes firefighter saves 46 dogs and their owner after gas explosion in their home

In the state of Michigan, a firefighter who was not on duty intervened at a neighbor’s house, whose home had just been rocked by an explosion. He saved the owner of the place, but also his 46 dogs. They are suffering from burns and have been taken to a local shelter where they are receiving treatment.

A gas explosion occurred in late November at a house in Hessel , Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, causing burns to dozens of dogs living there, MLive reports. The 46 canines and their mistress were rescued by a neighbor , a firefighter by profession.

The owner had lit a cigarette near leaking gas cylinders , causing the explosion. The lady and her savior, both injured, were hospitalized .

Many of the dogs were burned to the face, around the eyes, ears, muzzle or stomach. They also suffer from thinness , suggesting that they were victims of neglect , even mistreatment on the part of their mistress. This is what investigators from the Mackinac County Sheriff’s Office suspect.

The owner, who had recently moved to Hessel from Alaska, could be sued after her hospitalization. Authorities also believe his dogs were used in sled races . Some were chained outside .

The quadrupeds continue to be treated at the Mackinac Animal Aid Association shelter . The latter warned that the healing process could be long , but adds that their health is improving day by day. Volunteers and vets are working hard to help them recover.

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In addition, several of these dogs had fled in panic after the explosion. The police had succeeded in locating and recovering them , except for one of them, which remains untraceable to this day.


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