Wandering in the middle of a lake, a dog finds his family with the help of vacationers after 4 hours of research

In great distress, a female dog was fortunate enough to be spotted by a group of boat vacationers as she found herself in the waters of Lake Michigan, miles from the coast.

It was actually a female dog . It was then more than 6 km from the coast . The unfortunate girl must have been swimming for about an hour. Fortunately, the nightmare had just ended thanks to the Wilcoxes , who had no trouble getting her on board. The animal was scared and cold .

Its saviors have dried, then sailed for 4 hours to the town of Belmont, where it was passed to the identification chip reader. She was indeed wearing one, which made it possible to obtain the contact details of her owners and to contact them . Shortly after, they came to retrieve the dog.

Here is the report from Wood TV8 about the rescue:

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