18 very skinny dogs found tied up in the courtyard of a Romanian cemetery

In Romania, a priest had saved about twenty dogs. Not knowing how to take care of them, he had tied them up in a yard, only feeding them twice a week. It was in a worrying state that they were found by rescuers from a local shelter. Fortunately, they were saved.

The question was legitimate. In a hotel in a Romanian city center, 18 dogs were roaming the open air . The staff did not hesitate to contact a local shelter to determine the origin of these canines . When the members of the shelter arrived, they found in front of them the little twenty canines extremely emaciated . Worse, they were all chained .

Dogs did not have a chain long enough to lie down and therefore rest. They did not have access to food or water . Their treatment was bad all the way. At the sight of the rescuers, their faces brightened.

Enclosures built especially for these dogs

The investigation, carried out by the rescuers, led to the priest of the local parish . The latter claimed to have saved the dogs while they were wandering in the street, as reported by The Dodo. But, not knowing how to take care of them , he had installed them in this yard, feeding them twice a week, Monday and Thursday.

Despite the narrowness of a packed refuge , the rescuers decided to integrate them into the structure . “ We couldn’t leave them there ,” said a volunteer. Additional enclosures were built to accommodate them all .

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All the animals were baptized and all survived despite a significant deficit in weight. They were fed, bleached and most of all received a lot of love . All that remains is to treat them , vaccinate them and sterilize them . Then, once their recovery comes to an end, it will be time for them to find a new family .


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