Dog’s star thorn

Illustration : "Les piqûres d'aoûtats chez le chien" illustrated photo

but who is August? These small animals have brought a difficult life to our pets? August is a mite. As the name suggests, it will wreak havoc in August when hot and humid weather comes.


what is August? How to identify the thorns in August? Clear your dog’s mites and treat your best friend

skin. These tenacious little animals are your dog’s nightmare. How do dogs catch croissants? How to identify and handle them? What is

in August?

is an insect of Acaridae, commonly known as “autumn roll”. This harmful parasite lives in our lawns and gardens in humid and hot environments. This mite usually appears in August, but may last until early autumn, especially in September.


are yellow in early August. When they feed on our or our dog’s blood, they turn orange. They lay eggs under their skin and feed on meat. How does

recognize bites in August?

in humans, the stinging pain in August shows strong pruritus and the bitten area is orange. It is difficult not to scratch after a bite because the mite’s saliva is very irritating and allergic.


dogs will notice the bite in August when observing their behavior. A bitten dog is a dog that constantly scratches or crazily bites itself between its claws, behind its ears or genitals. Its skin turns red and your dog sometimes scrapes blood. You must find a solution to alleviate it.

frees your dog from these

mites. Stay on your dog in August. This is a parasite. When your dog tickles, check its strategic parts of the body and drive these orange animals away. Don’t catch them with your hands. It’s best to use anti flea and anti trichomonad spray. For best results, please make sure your dog doesn’t lick within an hour.

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treats the skin of your best friend

. Once the parasite dies and falls off your dog’s skin, you must treat his skin. To do this, please clean your dog carefully, give it a bath, and then wash it with mild soap.

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please note that August is very tough. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance to deal with it. You certainly need to consult your veterinarian.

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