20 dogs and cats that will remember their vet visit

Each of our pets reacts differently to visits to the vet. These photos illustrate their reactions.

Visits to the veterinarian are of the utmost importance for the good health of our pets. Indeed, puppies and kittens need tests and vaccines very early. An annual visit is also necessary to make assessments and reminders of the vaccine. However, when some love to visit their vet, others are not so enthusiastic.

Here are 20 pictures of cats and dogs at the vet.

1. This cat would like this portrait to come to life, instead of standing still and so high

2. He doesn’t really like being approached

3. A Welsh Corgi Pembroke puppy sleeping in his vet’s office

4. This cat came out of the vet wearing furry boots, after having had to be shaved.

5. This dog did well after his surgery

6. This cat seems to be doing exactly like at home, ie eating its kibble straight from the package.

7. A wonderful little kitten wandering around in his favorite vet’s shirt pocket.

8. While waiting for his vaccine recalls

9. For this puppy, visits to the vet are great fun

10. The patient seems to have completely disappeared

11. This puppy and his vet get along pretty well

12. The sink is occupied for the moment

13. Don’t worry, the whole colony of little kittens is doing very well

14. He has the right to check his invoice before paying it.

15. At this veterinarian, prizes are awarded to all animals that pass

16. An unconventional veterinary collar

17. Coming back from his dentist appointment

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18. He didn’t appreciate being taken to the vet

19. This dog doesn’t like to be auscultated either.

20. For this kitten, on the other hand, the veterinarian’s office is a very relaxing place.


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