10 celebrities who rescued and adopted animals

Several celebrities have rescued animals that they have ended up adopting. These photos illustrate these meetings.

Some world-famous personalities have been talked about for their stories of animal rescues. Indeed, several actors and singers defend the animal cause and have themselves adopted stray animals or in a refuge. They thus offered a better life to their new companions.

Here are 10 photos of stars with their pets.

1. Ian Somerhalder met this Pitbull bitch during a shoot. He adopted her and took care of her when she gave birth. He defends the animal cause in particular thanks to the funds that he collects through his own foundation

2. Lea Michele meets several abandoned animals on film sets that she hastens to rescue

3. Chris Evans shot a scene with several dogs that were available for adoption. His choice fell on Dodger who now lives with him

4. Zac Efron met this Pitbull bitch who was destined for euthanasia. The celebrity, who was simply supposed to act as a foster family for the bitch, ended up adopting her

5. Singer Ariana Grande burst into tears when she met her dog at an animal shelter. Since then, the pair have experienced great moments of joy, especially during the filming of the star’s video clips.

6. Amanda Seyfried adopted her now famous dog Finn from a shelter. She also collaborated with an association for the defense of the animal cause

7. Ryan Reynolds fell in love with Baxter during his visit to the animal shelter. The pair now live a great friendship

8. Andy Cohen makes a point of championing the animal cause by focusing on dogs in shelters. Cohen adopted this Beagle cross.

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9. Drew Barrymore has never stopped rescuing dogs from shelters, 9 more precisely, which make his life more joyful

10. The Clooney couple adopted a Basset Hound named Millie, which made the family bigger.


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