Take a dog on a trip to the mountains in summer

Illustration : "Voyager avec son chien à la montagne en été"

do you plan to spend the next summer vacation in the mountains? Is your dog going on a trip? Of course, we can only encourage you to take him, because experience is very helpful to him. Just make sure you meet all the conditions so that your stay can be carried out without accidents.


summer mountain vacation: provide pure happy accommodation and access for your dog, Veterinarian… Don’t let anything happen to him during preparation to protect him from the heat and sunshine. What should I take when I take his dog to the mountains in summer?

is a good idea to take a dog to the mountains in summer, but it is a career that must be well prepared. Here are our suggestions for successful accommodation.

mountain summer vacation: your dog

is pure happiness. If you have the opportunity to take him, why don’t you let your dog spend the summer vacation in the mountain? Like you, he will benefit from it in many ways.

clean and fresh air, a wide space for him to play and run, discover, hike, new smell, Naturally… All these will be good for your limb friend and give him / her a very pleasant experience.

accommodation, access, veterinarian… Don’t let anything be in the

preparation stage when preparing for travel and choosing a destination,

nowadays, more and more hotels, vacation rentals and campsites tolerate pets and even provide specific facilities and activities for pets.

Learn about places and services that dogs are allowed to enter: hiking, national parks and reserves (some of which are forbidden to dogs). Kdspe

can also search veterinarians practicing near your resort and record their contact information. If your dog has an accident or health problem, you will know who to contact.

receives suggestions from woopets through a registered newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets so that you can receive our news and business offers. Learn more about protecting it from heat and sunshine

. Even if your vacation is in the mountains, the dangers related to heat and sunshine can not be ignored. On the contrary, even if the air is colder, the sun is stronger. That’s why it’s important to protect your dog from ultraviolet radiation. If necessary, use special dog sunscreen. There are also Sunglasses specially designed for dogs to protect their eyes.


resist high temperature. The main protection measure is to ensure that your dog replenishes water regularly. Be sure to carry a bottle of water and a cup for him to drink, especially in hiking and other activities. Don’t make her tired on sunny days.

what should I take when I take my dog to the mountains in summer?

when you and your dog go on vacation in the mountains in summer, take everything you need:

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your dog’s medical, travel and ID documents: health records, passport (if the destination is in another EU country) a first aid kit, which usually has accessories: belt (possibly belt), necklace and / or seat belt, muzzle, water tank for food and water, towel, basket, transport box and bag for collecting feces

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