Moved by the death of his owner, this Shih-Tzu does not manage to leave the coffin of his late master! (Video)

Several days after the death of his master, this Shih Tzu still refused to move away from the coffin where he was. This poignant scene was filmed by the deceased’s daughter, and shows how loyal our dogs are.

Bruce is an adorable Shih Tzu dog who lives in San Pedro , a town in the province of Laguna in the Philippines. He was extremely attached to his master , but the latter recently passed away , which brought him deep grief , as reported by Animal Channel .

With his late owner, Bruce spent his evenings in the garage, where the man listened to the radio. Moments that the 4-year-old quadruped enjoyed at the highest point and that he will never forget.

Unfortunately, they were going to end with his master’s illness. Suffering from lung cancer, he was hospitalized for a long time before being brought home, where he remained bedridden until the end of his days. During all this time, Bruce had never left him . He stood night and day at the foot of the bed to watch over him.

Until August 7, the day the father of the family left this lower world. But his dog continued to stay with him until the end .

The video below, recorded by the daughter of his master, shows the attitude of Bruce the 3rd day of the wake. The dog is seated near the coffin, which he does not take his eyes off. He can also be heard barking and crying at times. A poignant scene that elicited more than one tender comment. “ May God bless his little heart ”, in particular.

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