Actress Kristen Bell adopted 3-legged dog after truck crash

Kristen Bell introduced her newest family member, a 3-legged dog called Whiskey, to her fans on Instagram. The animal had lost a limb after an accident with a truck, before being placed in a refuge.

The 40-year-old American actress recently featured her new canine friend on her Instagram account. Whiskey , too, comes from a shelter and had a traumatic experience, which has deprived him of a leg, as People reports. He had, in fact, been hit by a truck, causing him a serious injury to the limb in question, which then had to be amputated.

Whiskey has already made a name for itself in the family

This is what she explained in her post where she welcomes Whiskey , which can be seen in a series of 3 photos. One of these pictures shows him asleep alongside Frank , the Michigan native’s other dog, on their mistress’s lap.

She also explains that the whole family is happy with the arrival of Whiskey ; her husband Dax Shepard , as well as their daughters Lincoln and Delta , aged 7 and 6 respectively.

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