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refer to the feeling that the dog’s tail is wrongly trampled, clumsy gestures or trapped. This is an accident. It may react to this situation with more or less negative consequences. Avoiding biting requires a lot of understanding from dog owners and educators.


what can make a dog bite? How to avoid bites and react when they occur?

biting is instinctive and natural for many animals, especially our friend dogs. They did it for self-defense, but not just for self-defense. Generally speaking, they are usually puppies that bite while playing. Bites are usually a sign of pain that can be traced back to the first few weeks of a dog’s life. These puppies are traumatized because they are prematurely taken away from their mother and / or abused.

bites, whether harmless bites by puppies or more dangerous bites by adult dogs with strong jaws, should be suppressed as soon as possible. When they happen, how do we react and ensure that they don’t happen again? What makes dogs bite?

is usually a dog that is easy to bite. It lacks social and education, or even none at all. Everything about


began shortly after its birth. The basic foundation of social life and the behavior of communicating with others are obtained from mothers, brothers and sisters. The puppy explored the world around with its mouth. He began to bite his family instinctively, and gradually realized that he could not bite them without consequences; When he did this, he would scream and force him to stop the race immediately or be bitten. The socialization of


Puppies was also a period when he learned to restrain his desire to bite. Removing the cub from its biological family prematurely (8 weeks ago) deprives it of a valuable opportunity to learn how to get along with other individuals. The influence on his character is very negative. When he grows up, he will not only bite people; It can destroy all kinds of things, meet your needs anytime, anywhere, increase the number of escapes, and even show excessive fear.

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. In addition to the sequelae of difficult young people, feeling at risk or trapped may lead to dog bites, sometimes even if the dog is well-educated. In the face of threat, the dog will run away first. If he finds himself trapped and has no chance to escape, he has no choice but to bite and defend himself. How does

avoid biting and respond when it happens?

let’s say again: the best way to keep a dog that doesn’t bite is to provide high-quality education and socialization.

it must also integrate the basic commands that control it. When it becomes aggressive, it can restore its reason in some way: sit, lie down, Remind, do not pull the belt, etc.

it is important to prevent dog bites. When you deal with a small dog, bites are harmless and even interesting, but if you don’t correct this behavior, it will become a problem as its chin gets bigger and bigger, its teeth get bigger and bigger, and its risk gets bigger and bigger.

therefore, you must imitate the behavior of his or her brothers and sisters. Every time he starts to bite, he yells “ouch” or “no”, or simply makes a harsh cry to let him know that he is hurting you. We stepped back for dozens of seconds, ignored it, and then we continued the game, making the same gesture every time we took a bite.

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we can apply the same pattern to older dogs, Continue to bite the master or others. When he tries to grasp his hand or leg in the competition, he must immediately make a “stop” or “stop” sound. Then the game pauses for a while. During this time, it is important to stop paying attention to the dog. This way of pausing and ignoring it will calm it down.


must be systematically repeated, because only in this way can the dog understand and abide by it. “

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