Covid-19: Maxi Zoo more than ever alongside shelters in need of support

The Maxi Zoo chain of pet stores continues to help shelters and associations that welcome and take care of animals in difficulty. It even stepped up its solidarity action towards these structures, which are finding it increasingly difficult to continue their work because of the health situation.

The first confinement had considerably complicated the mission of shelters and associations welcoming animals . The second , which came into force on October 30, announces a new difficult period for volunteers and employees who serve dogs , cats and other residents waiting to be adopted.

Aware of the complexity of the situation for these establishments, Maxi Zoo renews and strengthens its commitment alongside them through a series of solidarity actions .

Friendship bracelets: the solidarity adventure continues until the end of November

In practice, for each friendship bracelet purchased in one of the Maxi Zoo retail outlets, € 1.50 is donated equally between the two associations. By the end of October, 79,000 of these bracelets had been sold.

As a reminder, the Frédéric Gaillanne Foundation trains guide dogs for visually impaired and blind children . As for AVA , it takes care of 500 abandoned animals or condemned to euthanasia .

At the same time, fundraising and product drives continue in all Maxi Zoo stores through:

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  • An urn available at the cash desk , for the benefit of the Gamelles Pleines association. The latter feeds and cares for the animals of homeless people .
  • Refuge Boxes where customers can drop off food and accessories , then distributed to partner shelters .
  • A donation of thousands of products (toys, brushes, collars, leashes, bowls, cat trees…) for local shelters in the coming weeks.
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