Man with missing leg adopted by dog with missing leg

Whiskey, the 3-legged Pitbull, had gone through the worst suffering before landing in a Texas shelter, then with a foster family who did everything to restore their joy to life. It was then necessary to find the ideal home for this dog.

In September 2018, a Pitbull dog named Whiskey arrived at a shelter in Fort Worth , Texas. She was in very bad shape , and for good reason; it was used as a live target for training fighting dogs in an illegal breeding , as reported by Dallas News . Malnourished and covered with scars , she also had a bullet lodged in her left shoulder .

5 months later, Whiskey was ready for the next step: to be adopted . For that, it was necessary to find the ideal family . Kristen Flora and the Bull-luv-able Paws organization worked there, posting her story on social media. One of their publications was relayed by the Facebook page of Lucky Fin Project , an association dedicated to private individuals of one or more of their members .

This is how Jeff Meyers , a father born without his left forearm , learned about Whiskey’s story and immediately decided to adopt this bitch. The adoption was, in fact, formalized in this month of February. Since then, Whiskey , Jeff , his wife and their daughter have formed a true family. The Pitbull follows her master absolutely everywhere and loves to play and walk with him.

This is what we can realize by viewing this report (in English) from Dallas News :

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