Heroism of gunshot wounded dog after protecting owner in armed robbery

Seeing his master attacked by an armed individual, a dog intervened with extraordinary courage to protect him. While doing so, she took one of the bullets fired by the assailant, but she survived it.

The events occurred on September 1, 2020 Brakpan, South Africa, and were filmed by a surveillance camera. That day, the 58-year-old had just withdrawn his salary from the bank and arrived in front of his house. As he was about to return his car to the garage, he was surprised by 2 armed individuals who threatened him. They had most likely watched and followed him from the start.


Meanwhile, her granddaughter was opening the gate for her grandfather, not knowing what was happening on the other side. She was accompanied by Niki and the other Dobermann of the family, Duiwel .

One of the attackers held Loodewyk De Jager at bay and grabbed him violently, while his accomplice searched his vehicle. Seeing their master thus abused, the 2 dogs immediately took action. Niki threw herself on the criminal, causing him to fall. The latter then fired, before retreating with the other assailant. Another individual was waiting for them at the wheel of a car. He picked them up and they left the scene quickly.


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14 stitches, but no vital organs affected

Shortly after, the family noticed that the brave Niki had been shot and wounded. Loodewyk De Jager , in fact, explained that the suspect had fired 3 times; the first bullet had struck the dog, the second had passed through the gate and the pants of his granddaughter (without reaching itself, thankfully), while the 3rd was lost.

Taken to the veterinary emergency room, Niki was operated on and saved. Luckily, the projectile hadn’t hit any vital organ. He had entered through the upper back and out through the side of the stomach. Which still required the installation of 14 stitches. This heroine has completely recovered since.


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