Chronic superficial keratitis in dogs


chronic superficial keratitis (KSC) is a disease that affects the eyes of dogs. Let’s look at its symptoms and possible treatment.

is also known as blood vessels. Chronic superficial keratitis (KSC) in dogs is an inflammatory eye disease, Especially the cornea. Early detection of symptoms is important for effective treatment of dogs.

what is chronic superficial keratitis in dogs?

chronic superficial keratitis is a disease that affects the cornea, usually bilateral. Normal cornea must be smooth and transparent in order for light to pass through and reflect. In this case, the cornea will become inflamed, resulting in decreased vision and sometimes blindness. This condition may be accompanied by lymphocyte infiltration of nitinol membrane and partial conjunctivitis. In addition, it can attack both eyes with different degrees of severity. The possible causes of chronic superficial keratitis in


dogs are:

immune problems; bacterial infection; viral infection; Causes of mycosis; Ulcers or insufficient tears.

is susceptible to this disease in German shepherds, Belgian shepherds and their four breeds (marinois, teburen, lekenois and grondale), border shepherds, Australian shepherds, piccady shepherds, Greyhound and teak.

is a clinical symptom of chronic superficial keratitis in dogs

The observed symptoms are usually:

is a kind of vascularized inflammatory tissue, which develops from the outer corner of the eye and gradually extends to the whole eye surface, resulting in red / Pink infiltration of the cornea. Melanin the melanin that causes corneal opacity The diagnosis and treatment of chronic superficial keratitis in dogs were diagnosed by veterinarians from the clinical signs of

; Observe the eyes with glasses; The corneal ulcer was dyed green by fluorescein test; Schirmer test (to assess the amount of tears). Once

is diagnosed, the purpose of KSC treatment is to control inflammation and correct immune function. It must be maintained throughout the life cycle of animals and can be achieved by local administration of anti-inflammatory drugs such as ointment and corticosteroid eye drops by

; Local immunomodulatory therapy.

in addition, for example, owners of sick dogs must take sunscreen measures.

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