A dog rescued in the street after only skin on his bones

The local Curaçao shelter rescued a lonely dog in the street. The doggie showed strong signs of malnutrition. After going to the vet, he was able to return to a foster family who takes care of him like the apple of his eye. Today, his condition has greatly improved.

At the beginning of November, a small dog was found in the streets of Curaçao by the local shelter. At least, the latter was alerted by a passer-by who crossed the path of Shadow , lost and strongly thinned.

Volunteers from the shelter went there, but could not find him. They did not let go and returned the next day. This time, Shadow was indeed there. In the flesh. Rather bone, by the way … She was suffering from an obvious lack of food . Shadow needed to be taken care of quickly.

He was taken to a veterinarian who examined him fully. Miraculously, the canine did not suffer from any pathology requiring special treatment . It was just a matter of feeding her enough to regain her healthy weight.

She takes life to the fullest

In the meantime, a foster family came forward to welcome him. Shadow had, it seemed, already given his consent to move into his new home, albeit temporarily. She followed her new family everywhere. Hence the name given by his rescuers.

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Since then, Shadow has already recovered. She is enjoying her new life to the fullest, in the company of humans who constantly care about her health. In the company of fellow creatures with whom he can indulge in all possible and unimaginable games: she runs, she explores, she plays. Shadow will soon be ready for final adoption. Try to keep it awake in this way for its future owners.


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