First aid kit for dogs

Illustration : "La trousse de secours pour chien"

our family has a medicine box, which contains everything needed to deal with accidental diseases or injuries. A dog must also have its own, because it can also get sick or injured. Here are some tips for preparing and decorating a dog first aid kit.


why should I prepare a first aid kit for dogs? Drugs and care products are important

files. When you have a dog, you must take care of it correctly. In order to carry out routine maintenance and provide emergency care when needed, it is important to have a first aid kit specially equipped for dogs.

so that when a dog gets sick or injured, he can take action quickly until he is taken to the veterinarian. Animal health, and sometimes even life, depends on it. The first aid kit for dogs should be convenient and complete. It must contain many elements to make appropriate gestures without using accessories that are not suitable for this purpose. Why does

prepare a first aid kit for her dog?

it is important to prepare a first aid kit for dogs for many reasons.

at home, if dogs get sick, injured, swallow harmful substances or catch parasites, the first aid kit can prevent any accidents. This means that if necessary, you can take care of your pet with everything necessary before taking him to the vet.


collect all necessary things to take care of the dog so that you don’t have to look for any drugs or accessories in the closet and storage room. We know where to find it, so it will be more effective when you need to help your pet.

this first aid kit is also very useful in travel, especially during holidays. Similarly, if a dog is injured or injured on a trip or vacation, it can help the dog recover. Ideally, there is a compartment model so that products can be organized effectively.

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ready-made backup packages that are commercially available. If you choose this solution, make sure it doesn’t miss anything. If not, add items that are not shown.

the following is a list of necessary items that must be included in the dog care package…

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Medicine and health care products a pair of scissors for cutting dressings or strips of cotton and sterile cotton, a latex glove thermometer, a tweezer, a hook for removing debris or debris, a preservative solution (cloxavir, Betadine, hexidine, mercryl…) In order to disinfect the wound, if the dog is taking homeopathic wound drugs (bee, Arnica 9 Ch…) and stress drugs (gelsemium), it should be treated with adhesive or self-adhesive bandages. Treatment of mild diarrhea treatment of vomiting claw forceps spray at high temperature physiological serum can clean eyes and ear lotion can clean ears important documents useful contact information: veterinarian telephone, Your dog’s health record: instead of putting it in the closet, put it in the first aid kit to make sure you can find it quickly when you need it

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