The soul state of a dog

Dog’s soul state Illustration : "Les états d'âme du chien" and

do dogs feel like we humans? What is their mental state?


dogs are sensitive to the emotions of human children. Experts in

dog psychology have different views on the complex emotional state, But it is generally believed that our four legged friends will have all kinds of emotions. They establish a clear nuance between emotion and emotion, which is very important here. Different mechanisms have different effects on animal behavior. Is sadness, love, attachment, friendship, jealousy, impatience, anger and happiness part of the dog’s soul palette? Of course, we can’t enter his brain to answer this question accurately, but there are some clues that can let us know more.

dogs will have the sensitivity of human children,

is the conclusion of an American study. The study was led by Gregory Berns, a professor of neuroeconomics at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.


together with other members of his research team, especially dog education expert Mark Spivak, conducted various tests on more than a dozen dogs, mainly magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). (magnetic resonance imaging).

In order to better understand the dog’s response to certain situations, he analyzed the dog’s brain through a specially customized scanner. During the MRI, two types of hand signals were sent to each dog, indicating that these stimuli activated a common region of the brain.

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When we encounter love or any situation that produces positive emotions, we are asked to enter this area. In our four legged companions, the caudate nucleus triggers attachment related emotions. When the dog sees the owner coming home or When he smelled the food.

Therefore, Professor Gregory Burns’ research proves that our dogs do have emotions if necessary and translate them into specific attitudes. Experts also estimate that the emotional level of dogs is similar to that of human childhood. The strong emotions felt by the children fully illustrate our dog’s personality.

emotion, complex emotional state

At the same time, other dog psychology experts insist that it is inaccurate to talk about the feelings of dogs. This is a form of anthropomorphism (projecting human characteristics onto another creature), which leads to inaccurate judgment.


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refer to complex emotional states. As mentioned earlier, it refers to a strong response to a given situation and leads to physical performance: for example, when a dog is afraid, it can (according to the situation and personality) Escape or attack.

for the advocates of this paper, emotion must involve self-consciousness. They believe that there is no such consciousness except human beings.

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