Veterinary fear of dogs

Illustration : "La peur du vétérinaire chez le chien"

all our dogs have memory. They often record emotions related to certain events and experiences, including going to the veterinarian. When they go back, the same feeling comes back, which may put the dog under stress. However, it is entirely possible to help him overcome these difficulties.

executive summary

made him accustomed to receiving treatment in the veterinary clinic more frequently, let him exercise and relax before seeing a doctor, so that he can relax

We don’t always go to the doctor calmly. So are our dog friends. They can go to the vet. Stress and anxiety make dogs uneasy about all kinds of things related to the expert office: they have consulted their vaccines, treatments and other unpleasant tests, smells, other animals, etc. in the past. When he is not at ease, Dogs may complicate the access process and make the work of veterinarians more difficult.

makes dogs accustomed to being manipulated.

dogs must be accustomed to being touched, massaged and touched at an early age.

opened his mouth, checked his teeth, raised his claws and examined them carefully, Raise your ears or tail and check whether everything is normal… These simple operations should be carried out very early and very gentle, so that the animal can carry out consultation.

of course, you should remember to reward him for his good attitude after these operations.

More frequent visits to the veterinary clinic

and more frequent visits to the veterinarian also help uncover the mystery of this date and make it more ordinary in the dog’s mind.

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in addition to the annual veterinary examination, dogs can be taken to the office several times a year, but do not need to be examined. In this way, going to the veterinarian does not automatically mean that he will be examined. The staff of the clinic will warmly welcome and touch him, which will strengthen the connection between a positive feeling and visiting the veterinary clinic.

allows him to exercise before visiting

. If the dog is too stressed on the day of visiting, These activities and exchanges will help to eliminate anxiety and make him calm and relaxed at the same time. However, they should not be done before consultation: the dog’s body should have time to return to normal (reduce excitement, heart rate, etc.).

should relax so that it can return to normal The most important thing is to remember that our dogs are real emotional sponges, so we communicate most of our feelings with them when we don’t want them.


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under pressure and anxiety, It’s likely that dogs will do the same. Our attitude, our body and the signals sent by our body are perfectly captured by our four legged friends. Therefore, you must ensure that they are positive in order to change the dog’s mentality and behavior.

therefore, you must be completely relaxed and confident about AllenT veterinarian. Dogs also feel this peace

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