Why insure his dog?

With , Illustration : "Pourquoi prendre une assurance pour son chien ?" and

, buying insurance for dogs is not subject to any legal obligation, but this method is useful and beneficial in many ways.


Initial and regular care may cost the dog a high price of life, which is caused by accidents, and no one can be immune from the serious disease

. Over the years, the cost of veterinary care and intervention may become very high, greatly increasing the owner’s budget. Dog health insurance can cover part or all of the costs, thus reducing the burden on dog owners. The initial and regular care of

may cost expensive

every year, and too many dogs are abandoned, In this case, the initial enthusiasm often conflicts with the reality that many people forget; Dogs are creatures with needs.


these needs are transformed into the owner’s expenses, so the owner must have a considerable budget, including food (croquet, pie, homemade food, dumplings…), various accessories (toys, beds, transport cages, belts, necklaces…), Hygiene (brush, shampoo, beauty, etc.) and health.


veterinary fees are often underestimated and may surprise unsuspecting owners. It starts with buying (at the pet store, from the farm…) or adoption. The owner shall pay for vaccination (about 60 euros for electronic chips or tattoos), vaccination (300 to 350 euros between CHP, chppilr, pirosis, Lyme disease, dog cough) and possible castration (150 to 250 euros) or sterilization (150 to 300 euros).

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, regular veterinary consultations are usually conducted every year. These visits are very important for tracking dogs, obtaining advice and early detection of diseases. The cost is about 40 euros (depending on the veterinarian). When you go to see an expert, you have to double or even more: behaviorists are between 70 and 100 euros and orthopedics doctors are about 50 euros. On the other hand, the cost of hair removal is about 50 euros. The life of

dogs is composed of accidents

and dogs. You will never be affected by accidents. The consequences may be more or less serious and may require urgent and fairly serious care. The hospitalization costs of veterinary clinics vary greatly. The operation cost of


cruciate ligament rupture is as high as 1800 euros, including rehabilitation. Some breeds of dogs (German dog, Doberman, boxer, German shepherd, Lowe, etc.) are particularly prone to gastric distension or torsion and require emergency care, at a cost of up to 400 euros. The cost of veterinary imaging services can not be ignored: 40 euros for X-rays, 75 euros for full ultrasound and 60 euros for pregnant bitches. Our dogs are as susceptible to chronic or serious diseases as we are. Again, costs may rise rapidly. The average course of cancer radiotherapy is 1300 euros. T’s findingsThe cost of breast augmentation surgery is about 500 euros. Laboratory blood tests cost between 50 and 100 euros.

veterinary fees may vary from clinic to clinic because veterinarians can charge for free.

buy health insurance for dogs, You can calmly provide your four legged partner with the care he needs. “

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