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in order to keep the dog healthy, diet is essential. Like all creatures, dogs should not be fed. You need to follow some rules, monitor his diet to ensure that he grows under the best conditions and avoid some unhappiness… He can’t be free from malnutrition or obesity.


Puppy food needs prepare food according to age and variety. How much food do you give your puppy? Control your puppy’s weight under what conditions? Adjust the food according to your puppy’s growth. Always drink water for your puppy. Don’t make the mistake of

. Your puppy needs a balanced diet, which depends on his age, variety, weight and physical activity. Balance means that the food is of good quality and meets the composition requirements. Be careful not to change your puppy’s diet. His digestive tract is different from yours. He can’t stand drastic changes.

puppy’s dietary needs

before you grow up, your puppy needs a diet that takes into account his nutritional needs.

The need for calcium and phosphorus must offset the loss of maternal immune function. Its natural defense should not be weakened. It needs twice as much energy as an adult dog. Therefore, it requires a certain level of high-quality protein and a high level of essential minerals. From the moment the puppy leaves his mother with you, you should promote his diet transition. A smooth transition to avoid dyspepsia and adapt its intestinal flora to new foods. If you want or need to change the food, the old and new food must be mixed for about 10 days: the old and new quarter, 3-4 days, then half to half, 3-4 days, and the last quarter to four days. You must control his rations. Within 6 months, it is recommended to divide the daily ration into 3 meals. Don’t change his habits. Try to feed her at the same time, in the same jar in the same place. If your puppy hasn’t finished his ration after about 20 minutes, don’t force him to complete it, and then add the rest to the next ration. Avoid eating carbohydrates that dogs cannot digest (potatoes, beans, Cereals, sugar, etc.). Carbohydrates can also lead to overweight and many health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, renal failure and diabetes. Carbohydrates have too much effect on blood glucose in dogs, resulting in excessive insulin secretion. The ingredients in snack packaging shall not exceed 25% or 30%. Ideally, for any preferred food, their content is less than 20% or 15%. Many brands have developed cereal free foods for adult dogs and growing puppies. Age and variety of food preparation

dogs can be weaned at the age of 6 to 8 weeks. From three to four weeks, solid food will come out of curiosity, where he will either eat dragged Croquets or other dog Croquets. As for dry food, you’d better wet them first so that you can crush them. You can gradually reduce water until you are 8 to 10 weeks old. The growth of


puppies is completely different between different breeds. For PE dogs, the time from puppies to adulthood may fluctuate between 8-10 monthsNipple size, 12 months for medium dogs and 18-24 months for large dogs. Therefore, your dog’s evolution is amazing. You have no right to make mistakes and provide it with all necessary elements to grow healthily. How much food does

give your dog?

is dangerous for the puppy’s small stomach. Even if they have a high appetite, pay attention to giving them a small amount of food regularly according to the age of the puppies. The frequency decreases with age. For example, dogs 2-3 months old can eat up to 4 meals a day, 2-3 meals for 4-6 months, and 2 meals for more than 6 months.

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, please follow the recommendations according to the quantity indicated on the food package. You can avoid obesity, health problems and waste.

in addition, for the health of dogs, please pay attention to the following precautions:

never feed it at the table or when you cook. Avoid feeding with an hour’s beat before or after exercise. Hard, crisp foods are the best because they can strengthen your dog’s teeth and keep them healthy. Don’t change food brands because of jealousy. Only when your dog has digestive problems or stops eating can you change his food. Always choose a good diet. Control the weight of your

dog and the specified number on the package. You will allow your dog to evolve at a normal speed. With the help of your veterinarian, you will control the weight of your puppy throughout its life cycle. You will draw its growth curve to ensure that it does not grow too fast, otherwise it will be a little overweight.

simply put, your puppy should not weigh more than 50% of its estimated adult weight. Being overweight may have a negative impact on your puppy’s future health and development. Under what conditions does

feed your puppy?

in order to make your little hairball eat quietly, you should feed it in a quiet place, far from your restaurant. Even if your dog is well-educated, be careful not to let children disturb them at dinner. When dogs eat, they may have an aggressive response to the external environment. In fact, children can be regarded as predators, just like other dogs.

for the food itself, the food must be supplied at room temperature to maintain all tastes and smells. Finally, be sure to give it fresh water.

adapts the food to the growth of your dog

. After a few months, your dog will need more energy to cope with the surge of rapid growth and the increase of muscle mass. Heat demand continues to increase significantly between 2 and 6 months. At 6 to 8 months of age, small dogs usually complete their growth. However, their digestive system is still the digestive system of dogs. Therefore, you need to wait before switching to “adult” dog food. For large breeds or large breeds, growth can be up to 24 months! Therefore, it is important to follow the advice on the food bag or consult your veterinarian.

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always drinks water for your dog’s

taskBe sure to keep a bowl of water for your dog. It’s best to use clean and cool water. Your puppy, like children, should not be damaged by its moisture. More importantly, his kidneys are not as effective as humans. However, please note that some puppies play games with a kettle and have a good time. They swallow the kettle just put on the ground. If it’s your puppy, always give it a small amount of water.

doesn’t make the mistake of

. It’s tempting to “please” your puppy. Will some candy hurt your dog? Yes, sir. This is not conducive to his diet balance and may affect his digestive system. In addition, its weight may vary greatly, and its development may not be as smooth as expected. Food prepared for dogs is prepared to reward dogs during their growth.

in addition, do not eat raw meat containing bacteria, and do not eat foods toxic to dogs such as chocolate, salt, milk or avocado.

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