This dog with a difficult past now has his own small house, built by his new dad

Buster had to relearn how to trust after living with a malicious landlord. It was with Sean that the dog recovered from his difficult past. The traumatized quadruped even got his own little house.

When he learned that a foster family was being sought for a dog that had just been rescued from a bad owner , Sean Farrell did not hesitate to offer himself. The animal in question, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier by the name of Buster , not only needed comfort and security but also needed to be relearned to trust people, as Bored Panda recounts.

After a few days, and even though Buster consistently avoided him, Sean decided to adopt him for good . He knew it would take a lot of time and work for him to reassure the white and black coated Staffordshire Bull Terrier, but he felt he would eventually succeed. The dog never stayed in the same room as him or even on the same floor . When Sean was downstairs, Buster took refuge upstairs and vice versa. He only approached it during meals and walks . The man did not force things. He was patient and understanding . And it paid off .

Buster not only began to relate to Sean , he was also trained to be a therapy dog . He and his new daddy have since been visiting nursing home residents and patients at a local clinic to help them cope. The quadruped also supports people suffering from social disorders , anxiety and autism .

To reward Buster and give him a place of his own, Sean decided to build him a little house under the stairs.

Although lacking experience in carpentry, he threw himself body and soul into this project which was close to his heart. It took him 4 days of hard work to put in the beams and planks, then 2 weeks to lay and dry the coverings.

And the result, worthy of the work of a professional, was validated by the brave Buster .

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Its interior niche provides it with all the comfort it needs. It features plush bedding , colorful mood lighting , a window to the living room, toys, and even a screen displaying photos of him and Sean . In the video below, the dog can be seen sleeping peacefully in his little house.


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