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Illustration : "Choisir le bon shampooing pour son chien"

he is always happy to see that his dog is clean and has bright hair. For some varieties, you must take a bath several times a year. The latter must use a specific dog shampoo, not the product we use to wash our hair. Their skin is different from ours in several ways.


is a kind of skin more sensitive than ours. Different types of shampoo choose which shampoo can darken your hair according to your skin?

for some dogs, bathing is essential. Give them once or several times a year to keep them clean and keep their hair beautiful. However, in order to make this toilet effective and harmless, we must carefully choose shampoo. This depends on several criteria, including skin type and the specificity of dog hair. How to choose the right product? Here are our suggestions.

is a more sensitive skin than our

. The skin of dogs has different characteristics and particularity from ours. Our four legged friend’s shell is more fragile and sensitive. It is worth noting that the dog’s epidermis is only 30 to 95 microns thick, but its fineness is not the only aspect that can distinguish it from human skin.

this is an acidic pH because it is between 5.5 and 6, while the dog’s skin is closer to a neutral pH (6 to 7). Therefore, dogs can only be washed with shampoo specially designed to clean and respect their sensitive skin.

many dog owners tend to use the same hair care products as themselves, which is obviously a mistake. Others believe that using baby shampoo or other human specific but milder products can better take care of pets. Similarly, the reasoning is wrong.


dog shampoo were developed to meet the special needs of their skin and hair. They are based on powerful detergents and ingredients that are resistant to different structures of the skin.

different types of shampoo

dog shampoo depends on various surfactants. Surfactants are compounds that change the surface tension between two surfaces (in the case of shampoo, between two liquid phases). Anionic and cationic surfactants play a key role in the foaming process, but they may cause irritation if used improperly. Nonionic surfactants have low cleaning ability but low aggression. The choice of shampoo type of


depends largely on the particularity of dog skin and fur. Depending on skin or hair problems (anti itching, anti depilation, anti allergy, anti skin disease, anti tick and anti flea), there are also dog shampoos. Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about

skin selection. It is difficult for an inexperienced owner to know the exact skin type of his dog. Therefore, it is best to consult the veterinarian to obtain the correct information and select the appropriate washing product.

there are two options according to the skin type: fat or dry. Oily skin is the skin that tends to produce a lot of sebum. This fat filmExternal protection of animals. In this case, you can choose astringent shampoo.

on the contrary, if the dog’s skin is dry (sebum secretion is reduced), it is best to choose a product containing vegetable oil to support rehydration.

What shampoo can darken hair?

like us, not all dogs have the same hair. In addition to the length of hair, hair will not have the same pigmentation, and your dog will also suffer from various diseases, such as dry skin. Therefore, it is essential to choose a dog shampoo that respects its hair nature, pigmentation and fur care.

that’s why you should choose professional products used by beauticians, such as the French brand ladybug’s dog shampoo.

here are some useful information to help you make the right choice within the scope provided by this high-quality brand. First, you should know that dark hair may be related to your dog’s infection with parasites or worms. Therefore, if necessary, please check your dog’s fur for treatment. ” Kdspe

for worms, you must expel worms from your dog every season. Now let’s see what kind of Ladybug shampoo to choose according to your dog’s hair.

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“Mrs White has chamomile. Therefore, it is clear for the dog’s hair because it avoids yellowing and makes the hair shiny. Black lady is made of fir tree nuts. Therefore, it is especially suitable for the black hair of dogs to restore color. Mrs. apricot is rich in protein. As its name suggests, it is prepared for dogs, wearing apricot and red skirts. Protein also promotes hair growth and protects it from brush damage. Mrs. silver also contains protein, but this time it is designed for gray hair so that they won’t turn yellow. Chocolate women are suitable for brown hair to avoid hair oxidation. “KDSPS”“KDSPE”

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