Canine iris defect


iris defect is a congenital malformation that can occur in different breeds of dogs. Susceptibility has been found in Australian shepherds.


have a wide variety of congenital diseases affecting dogs’ eyes. Iris defect is one of the most unknown diseases. Its etiology and development are equally mysterious.

dog iris defect: a congenital

disease in dogs. If the iris does not develop normally in the uterine life of unborn dogs, iris defect will appear. The iris is a circular membrane on the anterior surface of the eyeball. It corresponds to the color part visible to the eye.


are the result of eye tissue development problems. The origin and cause of iris colostrum are not clear.


can appear in different forms: small gaps in the inner edge of the membrane, Size, triangle and other holes. Depending on the size and shape, iris defect may make the iris look irregular.

iris defect diagnosis

Iris defects have been found in dog ophthalmologists and even ordinary veterinarians. In some cases, the animal owner may be aware of this, even if he / she has the least experience, and when the hole is large enough and the iris is obviously deformed.

the diagnosis of iris defect can only be performed when the pupil is enlarged.

it is worth noting that some breeds of dogs, especially Australian shepherds, show susceptibility to iris defect. This is an abnormal phenomenon, which mainly occurs in subjects with “blackbird” color for unknown reasons Impact of iris defect on dog life

generally speaking, the iris defect of a dog has no significant impact on the dog’s daily life. It does cause some discomfort, but it has little effect on vision unless the hole is particularly large. The main problem with iris defects is that when dogs are exposed to strong light, their eyes must bend more severely than healthy dogs. This is because the iris cannot contract enough to filter light into the eye. Like a camera, the iris usually acts as a diaphragm: it reduces the aperture formed by the pupil, thereby reducing the amount of light entering the eye through the pupil. This condition may also temporarily narrow the dog’s vision.

working dogs – especially shepherds – are exposed to light for several hours a day and are the dogs with the most severe iris defects.


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