Saved by a family when all seemed lost, this Pitbull dog becomes a remedy for their child with autism! (Video)

Saved by a family who had followed and financed his treatments when their chances of survival were very low, a dog returned the favor by helping their son to come out of his isolation.

When she was only 4 months old, Xena , a Pitbull dog , had been abandoned after being kept in a cage , starved and abused . Extremely thin and almost doomed , she was taken care of in a refuge in the State of Georgia (southern United States).

Moved by this story relayed by the local media, a family decided to help the animal. The Hickeys have, in fact, followed Xena’s state of health very closely and even financed her care , as reported by I Love My Dog So Much .

The young dog, for her part, fought back up the slope . Thanks to treatment and determination, she has recovered dramatically. The Hickeys were eager to finally welcome him home.

A few weeks later, Xena was able to discover her new home and family. This includes 2 other dogs that the Hickeys had also adopted in shelters . However, it is especially with their 8-year-old son Jonny that a special relationship has developed. The child, autistic , isolated himself permanently and hardly ever spoke . Her attitude changed around Xena’s presence. Jonny was coming out of his isolation , exchanging more and more with those around him and having fewer and fewer difficulties at school. His parents had never seen him so happy and outgoing .

Their beautiful story can also be discovered in a video , published on the YouTube channel dedicated to Xena :

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